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    Return Policy

    1. Right of return

    6.1    When ordering at Tuxeer.com, a cooling off period of 30 calendar days after delivery is applicable, unless explicitly excluded by Tuxeer.com. The Customer has the right to return the goods delivered on the following conditions:

            (i) the goods must not be damaged. The original package must be available;

            (ii) the goods must be in a state for re-selling by Tuxeer.com

            (iii) after receipt of the returned goods by Tuxeer.com, the order will be canceled. Any amount already paid by the Customer will be returned within 30 days of cancellation to the account of the Customer from the original payment.  

            (iv) cancellation of orders must be made in writing to Tuxeer.com.

            The following goods are explicitly excluded from the right of return:

    1. goods ordered for business projects;
    2. Custom made goods. Such specially ordered and/or customized goods cannot be returned

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